Tuberculosis Screening

We provide a convenient and affordable tuberculosis screening required for for work or school.

   + The test is done without appointment at a blood test center of your choice near your home.
   + Only a single office visit is required to get your certification (clearance letter).
   + We use a blood test (Quantiferon Tbc Gold Test), which is preferred screening test for tuberculosis rather than traditional skin test (Tuberculin test or PPD skin test).
   + Previous BCG vaccination does not affect the result of this test.
   + If your test is positive, we will arrange a chest X-ray to make sure that you do not have active tuberculosis before issuing the certification (clearance letter).



The Quantiferon Tbc Gold Test for tuberculosis costs $105.



Please note that if you have ever been treated for a tuberculosis infection in the past, you are not eligible for our screening service.

If you have never been treated for tuberculosis infection in the past and you want to start tuberculosis screening, please call us at 253-200-1988. We will arrange for bloodwork at a clinic of your choice near your home.